Brandon Lewis
Name: Brandon Lewis
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Trap:


Inmate in the forest


Cause of Death:



Stabbed with sharp weapon (Off - Screen)


Portrayed By: Tom McKay

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Brandon Lewis is the main tritagonist and anti-hero from Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. He is played by Tom McKay.


Brandon and Crawford

Crawford talking about Brandon's crime

Brandon is an inmate that killed somebody, so Crawford and the rest of the inmates didn't trust in him. When Brandon along with Chavez and the rest are transfering to other jail in the forest, one of the Chavez' allies atack the truck where they stayed. Brandon is forced to Chavez to make an alliance and take Nate and Walter as their hostages.

Unlike Chavez, Brandon only prentended to escape to the forest, but they were attacked by Three Fingers, the cannibal. Walter tryied to take the control of the situation, but Chavez noted that and killed him with a gun.

Brandon note that Chavez is most strong than Floyd, so he decided to follow him. Although Nate and Alex tried to conviced him to escape with them, he refused completily.

Alex Brandon and Nate

Alex, Brandon and Nate

Brandon dissapears in the middle of the movie, and he only appears at the end, to save Nate and Alex of Three Finger's. In appreciation of that, Nate permited Brandon to escape and he could say that Three Finger died. Three Finger was killed by Brandon, making him the last cannibal to die.


Brandon's death

Someone appears and killed Brandon

Nate went to the forest to find a bag of dollars that Chavez wanted to get. Suddenly, Brandon appears at back and killed Nate with an arrow. Before Nate died, he told him that he could never trust in inmates, but somebody appears with a harness with spikes and killed Brandon (Off - Screen), leaving Alex the only survivor.