Brent McDonald
Name: Brent McDonald
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color:

Green Trap:

Camper in the woods

Known Relatives:

Sophie - girlfriend (deceased)

Trey - friend (deceased)

Alex - friend


Deceased Cause of Death:

Sliced in three Killer:

Three Fingers (trap)

Portrayed By: Charley Speed

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Brent McDonald is a character in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. He is played by Charley Speed. He is sliced in three and has his insides eaten while Three Finger claws them out.


An arrow implanted in Sophie's body and Brent's hand

An arrow implanted in Sophie's body and Brent's Hand

Brent was a local college kid who went camping with Sophie, Trey, and Alex. He rode with Sophie.When they finally decided to stop for the night, he and Trey went to go get some firewood. Trey, however, annoyed him and he returned to Alex and Sophie, who is now topless.

Brent activated accidentaly a trap and it cut him in three

Alex leaves and Sophie gets on top of him. When asked if he thinks she's a slut, he replies "Yes, but that's one of the things I love about you." She then asks him "I thought you loved my tits?". To which he replies "I do. You have, perfect tits" He feels her breasts, and then sucks them, and leans back and "can hold them forever" just as an arrow stricks his hand through his girlfriends body. She falls off of him and he runs, leaving her to be killed by an arrow to the head when she almost crawls away.



Brent's death

He is then chased through the woods and as Brent steps on a trap, the trap flys up and three blades slice through him vertically. He falls to the ground, dead and Three Finger then claws at and eats his insides.

He is the third person to die.