Elena Garcia
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Reality show contestant
Lingerie model


Michael "M" Epstein (had sex with)


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Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Portrayed By:

Crystal Lowe

Elena Garcia is a character in "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" and the quaternary antagonist. She is portrayed by Crystal Lowe.


Elena was a model, also a bitch. She was beautiful, slim, sexy, vain, self-centered mean describing herself as a fox. She was a contestant on the reality show. She told about herself as getting everything she wants. After just meeting Jonesy she rejects him. After Dale Murphy explains the rules to the contestants and sets them off to fulfill their tasks, to retrieve food for that night, Elena is paired up with Jake. She even calls Amber A Ramba

The cameraman Michael follows them first. While in the forest, Jake tells Elena of his injury that constricts his plans of becoming a professional football player. Elena tries to seduce Jake, but he quickly leaves to try find food. When the trio arrive at the river, Elena once again tries to seduce him by undressing. However Jake once again declines, ruining Micheal's story line of the pair creating an on-screen couple. After Jake leaves, an angry Elena makes sure she will maintain a lot of screen time to get her 15-minutes-of-fame, by performing oral sex on Michael. While doing so, the pair do not realize Mara, Michael's girlfriend, has seen them, they carry on and end up having sexual intercourse. Once finished, Michael goes back to the RV, leaving Elena to tan.



Sister aggressively and Brutality Killed Elena With a machete

When Elena heard the sound of the alarm, she started to put her clothes back on. Only to be ambushed by Sister, and running towards the river. Elena frightened and trying to escape, fell in the scurry, only to be killed seconds later by Sister hovering over top of her, repeatedly slashing Elena's back with a rusty machete numerous times, until Elena's spine was exposed, through her mutilated, ripped open flesh. Elena's mutilated corpse floated face down in the water of the river.

Elena was fourth person to die.

Notes Edit

  • Is 25 years old.
  • Is a lingerie model.
  • Many sites claim her surname to be "Miller", while the original script cites it as "Garcia".
  • Despite not being a murderer, she acts as one of the films antagonists, attempting to steal Mara's boyfriend and even joking about it. She also was known to have a bad attitude towards other characters.