Name: Lita Marquez
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:


Known Relatives:

Gus - boyfriend (deceased)

Cruz - friend (deceased)

Billy - friend (deceased)

Julian - friend (deceased)


Cause of Death:

Killer:  Unknown            



Portrayed By: Roxanne McKee

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Lita is the protagonist of Wrong Turn 5:Bloodlines. She is played by Roxanne McKee.                                      

She is the only survivor. She is friends with Cruz, Billy, and Julian. She was the girlfriend of Gus. Lita is first seen pretending to be one of the hillbilly brothers as a joke. Once Billy is arrested and takes blame for the weed in their crashed car, Lita and Gus are seen having sex. One Eye and Saw Tooth knock on their door after and attack them. Lita hits One Eye over the head and escapes, leaving Gus. Later she finds her way to the police station where she stays.   

After most everyone is dead, Maynard persuades her to release him, promising her safety. She does so, but he tricks her, stabbing her eyes and leaving her to die. Sheriff Angela helps her back into the station and shoots Maynard, leaving him wounded in the jail cell. After Angela leaves to investigate her husband's car out in the street, she stumbles out of the station, attempting to escape.

After Angela kills herself in a last chance out of burning alive, Maynard and his boys find Lita in the middle of the street. They lead her into their truck, pretending to be help, but Maynard reveals himself once she is situated. She screams for help as they drive off with her, and will eventually be killed by the brothers, or eventually survive, escaping from them.


It is unknown if Lita survived or was killed that night. The director hinted that she escaped.