Name: Sophie
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Trap:


Camper in the woods

Known Relatives:

Brent - boyfriend (deceased)

Alex - bestfriend

Trey - friend (deceased)


Cause of Death:  



Back of head through eye with arrows

Three Fingers

Portrayed By: Louise Cliffe

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Sophie is a character from Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009). She is played by Louise Cliffe.


An arrow implanted in Sophie's body and Brent's hand

An arrow implanted in Sophie's body and Brent's Hand

Sophie was the girlfriend of Brent. Alex thought she was a slut. After Alex left to find Trey a topless Sophie climbed on top of Brent and took her bikini top off before flirtingly asking him if he thought she was a slut, which he answered yes to. She was about to have sex with Brent, but Three-Finger shot an arrow through her back and out through her left breast, also going through her Brent's hand.

Sophie's Death

Brent managed to get up and she asked him to help her but instead he ran away. Sophie's last line was "Please, help me!" As she began crawling away, Three-Finger then shot an arrow through the back of her head and out through her right eye, killing her before she continued to crawl off. He then ate her right eye in front of the horrified Alex, who was hiding in the bushes.

She is the first person to die. Sophie's family later found her eyeless corpse and took it along with the police and paramedics. She was buried to her funeral despite her right eye gone.


  • Although the Wrong Turn 3 wiki page says Sophie James her own personal wiki page says Delaney is her last name, its unknown which is real but James is used.
  • Wrong Turn 3 is the first movie with English model and actress Louise Cliffe.